About Us

If you are looking for a church in the informal settlement community of Orange Farm, we invite you to come and visit, get to know us, and consider if the Orange Farm Central Uniting Reformed Church in Africa is where you should worship GOD. We would be happy to meet you.
Our mission is: “Ministering Behind the Walls”.
We believe that Christ has called us as his servants to be the Salt and Light of the world (Mathew 5:13-16) and that He has called us to bring the difference in the community where we live and to minister both in Word and Deed.

Orange Farm is the largest informal settlement in Gauteng Province. It was formally established in 1988 by the people who were forcefully removed from Weilers Farm squatter camp. Orange Farm presently has a population of more than 900 000 (nine hundred thousand) people. It is situated on the south of Johannesburg and North of the Vaal Triangle. The people stay in houses made of plywoods, corrugated iron, bricks and any discarded material. There are other people who stay in the squatter camps within Orange Farm where there are no basic services like running water, electricity, and healthy food. Orange Farm houses the poor of the poorest people in the country. There are special groups of people that are found in Orange Farm like: The Orphans, HIV-AIDS affected and infected the widows, street children, senior citizens, the unemployed etc. We believe as a church that God has called us to go into this community and bring Good News to the poor.

ORANGE FARM UNITING REFORMED CHURCH IN AFRICA, dates to November 1991, when the Dutch Reformed Church in Africa was constituted. It first started under a tree. As this body grew it became constituted in 1991. This was done through the weekly Evangelistic outreaches in the community

As our members grow in numbers daily and our church building is becoming too small, we have undertook a project to build a bigger church that will accommodate everyone. We ask anyone who can assist with building material to contact us, we will really appreciate any kind of donation toward the building of our new church.